Holy LambHoly Lamb

We’re dedicated to using only the finest organic cotton fabric. All of our comforters, toppers, pillows, and infant bedding items are made with organic cotton sateen fabric grown in India, then milled and finished in a GOTS-certified facility in Pakistan. Never bleached or dyed, our sateen is naturally lustrous and soft without the use of caustic alkalis or other chemicals.

Our cotton fabric is GOTS-certified 100% organic. No chemicals are involved at any stage of the process – planting, growing, harvesting, or processing. Utilizing farming methods that encourage healthy ecosystems, including eliminating the toxic herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers common in conventional cotton farming, means a safer environment for farm workers, more productive and sustainable soil, reduced irrigation needs, and a healthier end product for the consumer.



If you’re wondering what keeps the snuggly fleece of the Holy Lamb mattress topper volume in place, the answer is organic cotton backing. The lamb’s wool blend, which makes the Holy Lamb mattress topper so exceptional, is woven into threads made of clean, high-quality cotton harvested from organic farms. Unlike conventionally grown cotton, organic cotton is free from pesticide and fertilizer residue.

To produce cotton fabric, conventional cotton is processed with potentially harmful chemicals, bleached white using chlorine, and finished using synthetic surfactants and even formaldehyde. To create great bright colors, it’s often dyed with pigments that contain heavy metals.


Certified organic wool pillows are hand-built with GOTS-certified wool batting layered in a GOTS-certified organic sateen case.

Sleeping Bags

Take healthy comfort with you wherever your adventures take you with our wool-filled sleeping bag. Available in kids, regular, and tall.

Comforters & Blankets

Cozy up with handmade Holy Lamb comforters and beautiful Coyuchi blankets. So many natural and organic choices to dress up your decor.